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RAAF Engineer Officers' Association

The RAAF Engineer Officers' Association (REOA) is a not for profit group of mainly (but not exclusively) retired RAAF Engineer Officers who meet on a regular basis in Melbourne. 

The purpose of the REOA is to foster a common interest group to provide long term, ongoing social and educational contact and support to past and current serving RAAF Engineer Officers' and partners. 

Regular dinners and other functions are arranged to foster close contact and mutual support. 

Regular contact is maintained within existing RAAF and Defence Engineering circles and support is provided to related similar interest activities such as: 

Support of books and material relevant to the group's common interests emanating from within the group's membership and contacts.


Presentations from prominent guest speakers generally in the form of current serving senior engineering staff within the RAAF and Department of Defence on engineering topics. Social, spiritual and communal support of members and their families.

2018 Committee

REOA: RAAF Engineer Officers' Association, Australia logo

Committee President

David Graham

Committee Secretary

Noel Hadfield

Honourary Treasurer

Glen Gould  

Committee Members

Carl Dillon

Dan Nebauer

David Graham

Glen Gould

Jack Pluck

John Clarkson

Kingsley McRae

Kingsley Porter

Noel Hadfield

Peter Jupp

Richard Orr

Rod Harris

Rick Toholka

Ron Ledingham 

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